Monday, October 03, 2005

Dear Sockpal

First, a closeup photo of the neck thingy I'm working on, knit from Insubordiknit handspun. The yarn is delicious, but nearly impossible to photograph in the wild!

And a letter I wrote.

Dear Sockpal,

How are you? (No, not you, RecipientSockpal, although your hat is really cabletastic and I want to make one for my own self!) I mean you, the mystery sockpal who is perhaps knitting away as we speak on socks meant for me. I’m feeling sort of guilty. I feel guilty because I am worried that you are feeling guilty because you haven't sent my socks yet. (Yes, crazy.)

The socks you are making me (or have made for me or intend/intended to make for me) have not arrived and I just wanted to let you know that I really am ok with that. The fact that you haven’t sent them means you are perhaps either a.) not so good with deadlines or b.) busy with other important stuff.

If it is the case that you are not so good with deadlines, please don’t stress about the socks because it is still sort of hot here in New York, and sock weather really hasn’t started quite yet. More importantly, I cant wear handkint socks until November 7 anyway. You see, my feet are having a hard time right now – they are training for the NYC marathon and they are, how shall we say nicely, not so fresh? They have very very scratchy bits. I would not, could not, wear any handknit socks without first donning a protective underlayer. This condition will persist until after November 6 (MARATHON DAY!). So give yourself a little extension till then, if you’d like.

If you are busy with other important stuff, you go do that stuff. Maybe you are having a baby. Maybe some bastard took away your job. Maybe you are plagued with international houseguests who are visiting for a far longer time than you ever anticipated they would? (Not that I would know anything about that, and I’m not bitter about it either, even though they broke the coffee maker, of all things.) Maybe your hand hurts or the wool is itchy or your pets are sick or your boss is evil. Forget the deadline, forget the socks if you must, its cool with me. Just don't feel guilty.

Best Regards,


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jacey said...

wow. how did i miss this? i was just cleaning out my inbox (of the 3,430 emails) and came across one from you. Did you finish it yet? also, I'm bookmarkin' ya!