Thursday, October 06, 2005

Happy Smokiversary to me

Today is my one month smokiversary (that means I haven’t smoked for an entire month). I really do miss smoking. I’m not grossed out by smokers - I actually want to grab them and make out with them – but it is getting a bit easier. Some of the benefits of not smoking anymore…

1.) I no longer sit at dinner anxious to finish so I can go have a smoke
2.) I save at least $5.00 per day (cigarettes in NY are almost $8 per pack) – that is $150 this month, or $1825 per year
3.) I can run faster and longer – 15 miles last weekend (I’m training for the marathon, normally I would never run these insanely long distances)
4.) I smell better
5.) A certain person does not complain about the smoky smell of the apartment and my hair
6.) I feel stronger and healthier
7.) I am not grouchy when I’m missing my smokes (now I’m just grouchy all the time)
8.) I have more time to knit!

I also noticed that I never had a sweet tooth before but suddenly, after dinner, I’m craving Toblerone, or one of these.

Here (the freezer door) is where I used to keep my emergency pack of cigarettes.

See, just butter, coffee, breadcrumbs, frozen homemade tomato sauce, some stuff for my favorite meatball recipe, and so forth. No cigarettes. It was so hard to throw out that last pack when I quit. I had to pretend that I wasn’t really quitting, just stopping for the day. I cant believe it has been a whole month.

In other news, today I joined the NYC Knitters ring set up by Fig and Plum!

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Ashley said...

Yay! One month. $1825? Seriously? That is a lot of yarn. Or toblerone. Whichever.