Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I am sick and I am not leaving the couch today. Blech.

There are pros and cons to being sick. The cons: achy head, twitchy inability to concentrate, I’m hot, no, I’m cold, oh, I’m hot again, and so on, constant need to get off the couch for tea and tissues, etc.

And I am the only sick person I know whose appetite increases and who gains weight when she’s sick. Most folks lie around getting all wan and slender, but I go for everything in sight, the spicier the better.

But the pro: WAY more knitting time. I expect great progress on the second Rogue sleeve by the end of the day.


--Deb said...

Hope you feel better! Drink hot tea with honey, lemon, and brandy--that's my suggestion! Just don't spill it on your knitting.

Ashley said...

yuck--nothing worse than being sick. I second the tea and brandy--but some kind of thai chilli noodle bowl would probably hit the spot.