Friday, October 28, 2005

Lots of Coffee

Knitters – do you ever wear a “beacon” knitted item to a crowded nonknitting event just to see if there are others in the crowd? I feel like it must act as a homing signal; “Here I am, come talk to me, I am a knitter.” I must confess that I do it, and I feel a little sad on the subway when no one asks “Is that a clapotis?” If you see a girl with messy hair on the subway wearing a blue clapotis, and maybe rubbing it against her face a little because its sooo soft, just say hi!

I finally have my voice back, sort of, and I’m feeling a bit better. This morning is the first time I’ve had caffeine in a week and WOW! I feel like if I jumped I’d stick to the ceiling like a cartoon cat. Maybe I wasn’t sick after all, maybe I just needed some coffee?

I don’t know if I’m going to be able to function at work, or if I’ll just run very fast in tiny circles around my desk. Now I’m wondering if I should lay off the caffeine for another week and then fuel up right before and throughout the marathon. Surely it isn’t wise to shock my body too much, but a little performance enhancing of the Javanese variety might be just what I need.

Yep, the marathon. Next Sunday (November 6) I’ll be running the NYC marathon. I am ill prepared, slightly injured, and have never run more than 18 miles in my life. Until a month ago I had never run more than 13 miles. Until two months ago, I had never run more than 6 miles. Not ideal conditions. But, as J pointed out, it really adds to the suspense of whether I’m going to finish, which makes things much more exciting for my fans. My new training strategy is just to eat carbs like crazy for the next week; fun for me, horrifying for supermodels everywhere.

In knitting news, Rogue sleeve #2 is rolling along, but things are getting tense as the last skein is quickly being depleted. This weekend should reveal whether I’ll make it through, or whether sleevecap #2 will be a contrasting and exciting new black dyelot.


--Deb said...

Wow--good luck in the marathon. I'm sure you'll do fine--better than you think you will right now, anyway!

And, if supermodels ran marathons, they'd eat carbs, too. It's all a matter of priorities.

Megann said...

You should totally wear your Clapotis while running the marathon. Way to go! I'm always so in awe of marathon runners. I run, but the most I ever did at once was 4 miles. I typically do around 2-2.5 on my running days. But I sure would love to run a marathon some day. My home is just one block away from the route in Fort Greene, so I'd love to find you and cheer you on!

Ashley said...

Geez--marathons. i can barely run around the block.

I can and do regularly flaunt knitted items around other knitters though--but rarely get the satisfaction that I want from it. The other day I wore my new cabled hat to buy yarn, and the girl at the cash register snotted "have you been knitting long?" In my head I replied "Stop knitting with your ugly novelty yarn and look at my hat! Look at my hat!" But all I said was "um, yeah" and then I stalked out, thwarted in my compliment-fishing. Sigh.

Lisa said...

Feel better and good luck in the marathon!!

carrie said...

oh, you should definitely try to sport something handknit at the marathon. perhaps you can whip up those rainbow hot pants from magknits? might not be too comfy ...

it's really impressive that you are running the marathon!

heather said...

i do it too ~ although you're right, i never get the knitlove in return that i'm hoping for. i may have even sunk as far as clapotis-brandishing on the f train recently in order to suss out whether the woman in the simply marilyn look-alike sweater was a knitter or not. alas, no response.

The DeDe said...

Good Luck at the marathon. You can definitely finish! My training schedule only has me run to 18 miles before my first marathon.
I can't wait to find out how it goes. I'll be on the sidelines this year cheering you on!

p.s. did you enter the lottery to get in?