Sunday, July 29, 2007


All my fingers spontaneously turned to Twizzlers a few weeks ago and that’s why I haven’t been able to blog! Have you ever tried to type with licorice? Not easy, I tell you.*

Really, the excuses for my absence are duller than dull (worky work, Potter-mania, blah blah boring), and I’m so far behind on my blog reading that I finally had to just clean the Bloglines slate and “mark all read.” But hey, I’m back now. And Holy Shit the sockapalooza deadline is like 4 days away! How many days does July have? Crap. And so all of a sudden I’m knitting like a fiend despite a nasty case of trigger finger in my left hand. Send ice packs and Advil.

*What you can do with a Twizzler is bite off each end and use it as a cocktail straw for your bourbon drink. Thank god I went to law school so I could learn that valuable piece of knowledge!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Socks and Tag

Katie tagged me for the Wikipedia birthday meme

Type in your birthday month and day only. Post 3 events, 2 births and one holiday that occurred on your birthday.


1938 - Norway claims Queen Maud Land in Antarctica. (I have a fascination for all things Norse.)

1967 - The Human Be-In, takes place in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, launching the Summer of Love. Between 20,000 to 30,000 people attend. (Sounds great in theory, but in actuality was probably sort of smelly.)

1972 - Queen Margrethe II of Denmark ascends the throne, the first Queen of Denmark since 1412 and the first Danish monarch not named Frederick or Christian since 1513. (About time!)


83 BC - Marcus Antonius, Roman politician

1875 - Albert Schweitzer, Alsatian physician, Nobel laureate


Makar Sankranti in India. The event is marked by flying kites.

In knitting news, it’s all socks around here. I started these for my sockpal (Trekking XXL), whose sole request was for stripes:

Unfortunately, they’re not so stripey as one would have hoped. I popped over to Purl the other day before work and picked up some of their custom color sriping Lorna’s. So far they’re striping much more satisfactorily but, as you can see, little progress has been made.