Monday, October 31, 2005

New Clogs Soon

Thank you for all of your encouraging words about the marathon! I think it would be hilarious to incorporate a knitted item into my outfit, but I think the extra weight might be the straw that breaks my back. Instead, I'm going to lend my knitted devil hat (navy with red horns) to my mom so she's easier for me to spot while running, and maybe she'll even wear her Vegan fox.

On Friday afternoon I went over to Stitches (not my favorite LYS, but dangerously close to the office) to pick up a little more black Cascade 220 in case I run out before I finish Rogue sleeve #2. They had none, so I was forced to spend my money on other yarn because I don't have enough unfinished projects sitting around the house. I got four balls of Patons merino in black and gray so that I can make a pair (or two) of Fiber Trends felted clogs.

I already started and the pattern is wild. Most knitting patterns are fairly intuitive and you can cruise along for a while without obsessively checking the instructions for each row. Not so much with the clogs. Every row is like k2, m1, k1, m1, k32, m1, ssk, turn work, p1, p2tog, p47, do the hokey pokey, p1. I'm totally unable to predict what's going to come next. But it is addictive because they're knitted holding two strands together using size 13 needles and they go FAST! The immediate gratification is so worth the hand pain from knitting with drumsticks. Next I'm going to make a sweater like that – a big puffy thing that I can knit up in 20 minutes.

Tonight I'm having a brother and friends over for spooky enchiladas and then we're headed downtown for the Halloween parade, so I should have some GREAT pictures tomorrow.


Ashley said...

mmmm, spooky enchiladas. So much better than the regular kind.

A word of warning--do you have hardwood floors? If so, just be careful walking around in those things, is all I'm saying--I've had some bad moments transitioning to the hardwoods in my felted slipper-socks, and by bad I mean wiped out and almost broke the back of my head.

But the, you probably don't plan to careen headlong around your apartment, chasing after a manic dog.

FemiKnitMafia said...

Did someone say clogs? Oh ... I can't wait to read about your progress, and happy to hear that they're a quick knit. I'm contemplating a couple pairs for x-mas presents, but haven't committed to the idea yet. So I'll keep reading.

carrie said...

oooh, those might be ideal, quick-to-knit holiday presents! but not for an elderly -- don't want to be responsible for broken hips. do post parade pix!