Monday, October 17, 2005

USM in Purgatory

I spent part of the weekend knitting away on the sleeve of my USM sweater but, last night, after knitting about 10 inches, I finally admitted to myself that the whole thing looks like crap.

Rather than rip out, continue knitting, or start the other sleeve for comparison, I chose option D, what any sensible knitter would do, and threw it in the corner on top of the Purgatory Laundry Pile. (Garments that have been worn, but not worn so much that they are actually dirty. For example, the yoga pants I put on when I escape the office, but only wear for a few hours before bed. You all know what I'm talking about, don't even try to pretend you wear this stuff for two hours and put it in the wash.)

I think maybe I need a little break from the USM sweater because I'm starting to hate it with a burning scratchy passion. Especially the alpaca, which I'm starting to think is actually evil and trying to do me harm. I first became concerned when my spit splicing attempt gave me a coughing fit. Could it be that the alpaca does not want to be part of a sweater? That it is not interested in playing on the knitting team? Why is it jumping into my throat this way? As I sit here writing about it I feel all nettle-throated, like it is choking me from afar. And the red spot on my hand, and the weird looking short rows, and the fuzz bunny behind the chair. All the fault of the ALPACA! So I think me and the sweater need a little time apart to reevaluate our relationship and our priorities.

This will give me time to work on some other WIPs like my cozy Manos sweater, (my own design), the sleeves of my Rogue (such a great sweater, neglected when the weather warmed up), the Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls, and my neck thingy out of Insubordiknit handspun.

TTFN Alpaca!


Ashley said...

You know, my mom's doctor told her to stop knitting with alpaca--said it was too rough on her lungs. who knew that alpaca had this duplicitous nature? So soft, yet so evil.

carrie said...

oh, i have a similar laundry pile, and it, too, includes my "i'm home!" yoga pants.

sorry the sweater is causing your grief. last week, i really wanted to stay home and knit. (actually, i sometimes bring knitting with me for slow moments late in the evening. why surf the web when i can knit?)