Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Paging Dr. MeBeth

Thank you all so much – I feel like I actually won the marathon, not just ran it! At least mentally. Physically I feel more like I got run over by a bus. But I didn’t feel bad enough to put off my trip to The Point yesterday to pick up that extra skein of black Cascade 220 for Rogue. I was definitely harboring secret thoughts of sock yarn and other naughty purchases, but when I arrived some sort of photo shoot was going on and I just paid and ran. Probably my quickest yarn store visit ever! But when I got home did I finish up the Rogue sleeve? Noooooo, I worked on a new sock. Even though I have plenty of lonely socks in search of loving mates, I just couldn't resist starting up a new one. I think my feet needed a special little treat as a post-marathon reward.

ATTENTION New Yorkers - last night I went to the coolest thing - Mt. Sinai Mini-Med School! This semester (6 Tuesday night sessions) is all about the brain.

Its interesting, educational, and FREE. Perfect for any frustrated lawyers who wanted to be doctors but just couldn't handle organic chemistry. (Not that I know anyone who might fit that description.) The lectures were funny, the topic was interesting, and no one seemed to care that I worked on my sock the entire time.


--Deb said...

Congratulations--you should be SO proud of yourself!!!!

Sara said...

What an accomplishment - way to go! I can't imagine running that far.