Friday, November 11, 2005

The Best Laid Schemes

I am a planner and a listmaker. I need to know what I'm doing, where I'm going, what is happening next. I need to cross tasks off in thick black pen once they are accomplished. I do not fly by the seat of my pants.

Lately, though, my best laid schemes, knitting and otherwise, have totally gang aft agley.

This is not what I planned for my beloved felted clogs.

(That is not my side of the bed.)

I did not write "untangle biggest koigu knot ever" on yesterday's task list.

And last night I tossed Rogue aside in pursuit of homemade chocolate crepes.

But the world did not explode, and the crepes were delicious, and maybe I need to practice letting go of the master plan just a little bit.

So maybe Rogue will get blocked this weekend or maybe it wont.

And maybe I'll spend the rest of my life working at a law firm or MAYBE I WONT!

Change is afoot around here and I am excited. And freaking out. Mostly freaking out.


--Deb said...

Crepes are definitely a good change of plan! Sometimes, you just have to let it go . . . at least, a little.

Sara said...

You and I sound like similar animals! Change is hard, but can be wonderful. Can't wait to hear about it.

Stephanie said...

I'm a list maker and crosser-offer too (maybe that's why we both work in a law firm - although I'm just the lowly office manager), and lately my plans have not been following the schedule I've created and kept in my organizer either. Little stressful, but I think I'm learning to roll with it.

But crepes are always good!

p.s. - My word verification had "law" in it - how weird is that?!?

jess said...

such a lawyer! i've often felt that i like making crepes on a moment's notice too much to ever truly become one :)

sometime, offline, you'll have to tell me about your job... hm... change afoot...

heather said...

not working at a big law firm forever? changes afoot? i'm with jess - i'd love to hear about it. hell - i'm excited for you and i don't even know what the story is. (not that i am summering from associate ennui, no sir).