Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Need for Closure

I haven't been very productive knit-wise as of late. First, I'm generally not a holiday gift knitter. I kinda stress out around the holidays, for no good reason. So, aside from the assorted random joke knitted gifts (beer cozies, goofy headbands, etc) I don't like to add to my holiday freakout by imposing knitting deadlines on myself. The only knitted gift I'm planning on is a pair of big fuzzy mittens.

Nevertheless, I think I need to light a little fire under my knitting self. I'm going on a great big trip on January 16th and I'd love to have ALL of my current projects finished before I go. (That way, I have a great excuse to start something exciting and new!) Soooo, I'm going to do a little list of all my knits in progress here for you all on the internets, in the hopes that it will shame me into finishing up some of these things!

Rogue – I am pathetic. I love this sweater and all I need to do is seam it up. Really, I should be ashamed of myself.

Union Square Market Sweater
– This sweater needs one and a half sleeves and a collar, both of which need a little design help from me. Still, I should be able to finish this in one weekend morning of knitting.

Pink Socks – Oooh, I am sick of you pink socks. Your kool aid smell and non-stretchy yarn have me bored. I will finish you just so I can move on to new socks and be free of your Strawberry Shortcake colorway (for which I have only myself to blame).

Tannenbaum – You are fun! With beads! And jingly bells! And I am an ass if I don't finish you before Christmas. So you are very near the top of the list. And I love your lack of finishing. That bodes well.

Black Neckie – This yarn makes me smile, and the weather is getting cold. Things are looking good for this project. Very good. The only problem – does it need matching wristies?

Manos Sweater – Ha ha, internets – you didn't even know I had this sweater (or, um, vest). This is a sweater of my own design and, as such, is languishing now that I have finished knitting the easy parts. The elusive Manos Sweater has yet to be captured on film in the wild.

Green wrap – This is the Kimono shawl from Folk Shawls and it is so pretty and soft, but I have to pay attention when I knit it. Lately that's been asking a little too much. This one may not make the January 16 deadline. This one is also too elusive (or small?) for photographs.

Ok, that’s embarrassing. And it doesn't even include my cousin's mittens and the inevitable felted clogs. Or the unassembled baby sweaters and blankets hanging out under my bed, now way too small for their intended recipients.

I hereby vow to you, oh readers of the internet, that I will try very hard to have one completed knit item to post about tomorrow.


--Deb said...

Considering you've gotten past the second row of branches on Tannenbaum, believe me, the hardest part is definitely behind you. The top of the hat goes so fast! And for the USMP--there really isn't a "collar." Just the contrast color along the front edge. Once the sleeves are knitted, that's it. Nothing else to knit!

Brooklyn Handspun said...

I don't knit for people for christmas either - most people really don't appreciate how much money and time goes into a knitted object so I make stuff for myself and those closest to me...less stress more satisfaction. Hey I see you are up on the Spiders site...come to the point on of these fridays!

insubordiknit said...

wow, i thought i had a lot of projects going at once. yikes! can't wait to see a FO TOMORROW! heeh.

carrie said...

look at the bright side -- you are going to have SUCH the finished object bonanza soon! i say once you seam rogue, you'll feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

Stephanie said...

I'm thinking of doing the Kimono Shawl for my mom (not for Christmas, though!). I'd love to see pictures and hear about how it went/is going for you.