Friday, December 16, 2005

A Shawl and a Promise

Ayyyyy, the knitting in my life, it has been sparse and not at all photogenic. I completed another row of branches on my Tannenbaum. This would be a perfect subway knit except for the fact that I'm using little bells that jingle as I knit. Can you imagine how fast I would get my ass kicked if I sat on the subway making jingly noises the whole time?

And that old kool-aid dyed pink sock, I'm working on that too. Fortunately it’s the second of the pair, because I'm totally starting to hate it.

Remember way back there a few posts ago I was all bold with listing my projects and promising FOs and whatnot? What happened to that girl? I finished one neckwarmer and then nothing.

I have good excuses - life got totally crazy on me. I mean WAY more than the normal Christmas crazy. I had to buy a whole special notebook for all the to do lists! But still, it's pathetic that I haven't seamed up that Rogue, and there are two other sweaters out there just waiting for sleeves and necks. SO, I am promising, here on this blog, that I will have a special new finished object by Monday, and it wont be that lame pair of pink socks.

To distract us all in the meantime, here is a photo (oooh, naughty, taken in my office) of a Kimono Shawl in progress.

I'm using Jade Sapphire Cashmere Silk and although it is a pain in the ass to wind, and waaay expensive, it is the softest thing I've ever knit. By the way, Monday's FO will definitely NOT be this shawl.


Ashley said...

I covet that shawl. Seriously.

I think you get a free pass on finishing knitted things when you have christmas chaos and wedding chaos all happening in the space of a month. really, anyone who expects anything from you at this point is being unreasonable.

--Deb said...

Or if you dropped all those bells on the floor of the subway car? (grin)

The shawl really does look beautiful!

gleek said...

i love that shawl.. i'm beginning to think that i should try it :)

lisa said...

I can attest to the softness of that cashmere/silk... absolutely luscious! It was good knitting with you on Friday!