Thursday, December 01, 2005

Shangri - Lion

All of you New York knitters – I found something very unusual tonight. We hear people in other parts of the country asking each other about yarn snobbery. We hear talk of “Lion Brand” and “unnatural fibers” and perhaps we wonder what they speak of. People come to our fair city and they have yarn crawls. They go to Purl for the Lobster Pot Cashmere, the Point for the rainbow of Lorna’s, Habu for the funky stuff. We have no shortage of fancy-pants yarn.

But lets say I want to knit a little sweater for a friend’s 2 year old son. Do I want to buy 8 balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, or perhaps $100 worth of Koigu? Hooo, no. I want something cute, cheap, and machine washable. I want the Lion Brand Wool Ease. But where? Where is that mystery haven of cheap and squeaky yarn?

My secret goal, always, is to spend less on yarn than I would on the sweater, were I to buy it at, say, the Gap. Is this possible in Manhattan?

Oh yes. Yes it is.

There is Patons Kroy sock yarn (on sale!).

A bargain bin with skeins the size of my head!

And, my favorite, enough Patons classic merino to make 80,000 felted clogs.

I was lucky to escape with only enough for 2 or 3 more pairs.

(And $30 worth of notions and tulle, for a very different sparkly little project that I’ll blog about soon.)

But where? Where is this mecca of cheap ass yarn? Why, its PS Fabrics.

You can find it at 355 Broadway, about 3 blocks south of Canal Street. Grrrr.


Ashley said...

I always knew New York was the city of dreams.

(And you're totally right--babies have done nothing to deserve the good stuff, and will only ruin it anyways.)

carrie said...

that place is great! the first time i went, i'd only been here for a few weeks and i was SO LOST downtown. But then I found it and bought a truckload of cotton ease. have you been to smileys?

Veronique said...

I've logged in some quality time at P&S... I have a ton of Patons Grace for ex. And I always get knitting knick knacks there: stitch holders, stitch counters etc. They're great!

Brooklyn Handspun said...

Ahh P&S I think that store rocks! when I first started knitting I bought a ton of stuff there - I think it's time for a revisit! I just wish it was open past 6!

heather said...

P&S is up there with the guggenheim with me for places i've meant to go as long as i've lived in the city and still never been. with the plethora of spring babies on the horizon, though, i think i'll finally make it there soon!

Iris said...

P&S!!! I used to work nearby. And came home with yarn on my lunch breaks. The owners are great and if you hang around long enough they'll let you in on new merch.

Megann said...

This is one of my favorite places. My job is with the crazy (literally, crazy) boss is right near there, so its easy for me to walk over during lunch. They also have really inexpensive fabrics, which is great for my sewing needs. And they sell patterns! Woo hoo! I'm so glad other people go there, as I really like it.

michelleknits said...

I got my fabric for my first sewing project. I was on a mission and didn't want to lose focus but oh, I did notice that yarn!

jess said...

fabulous! i've never been there, but someone over at pearl paint recommended it for animal eyes a la jess hutchison's. didn't know there was yarn, too! yet another mecca in manhattan ;)

Iraida said...

I looove psyarns. It's just right for all the "cheap" stuff.

Mary said...

Seeing that huge bin of discounted yarns is enough to throw a yarn-aholic into serious overdose! Whew - you were quite restrained!