Monday, March 19, 2007

Festival of Finishing – Day One

As promised, this week I’m having a fantastic festival of finishing! Today’s FOs are not the most exciting, but I’m starting slowly and working my way up to what promises to be a very sweater-heavy end of the week.

Argentina Socks

I originally started these as a gift for my husband to wear to the World Cup this summer, but had to take a time out when I started my new job back in June. I just finished them up last week and now they’re mine, all mine! (Because horizontal stripes are so slimming on pregnant ankles!)

Yarn: Blue and white Regia (german words, more german words) Nation Color 4 ply
Needles: Addi #2s
Pattern: Plain old toe up stockinette with short row heel, using 52 stitches.

And a Mason Dixon Baby Genius Burp Cloth, for my very own soon-to-be-arriving baby genius. Coincidentally knit in my high school colors, black and gold. Go Bulldogs!!

Actually next week at the doctor I’ll find out whether he’s really a genius and has gotten himself in the correct upside-down position or if he perhaps needs a little more time/coercion in that department. (Will it help if I do somersaults in the swimming pool?)

Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton
Needles: Crystal Palace #7s
Pattern: Mason Dixon Baby Genius Burp Cloth, no modifications.

Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 of the festival!


Ashley said...

Those socks are adorable. I NEED some kneehighs! Why am I checking blogs? Why aren't I knitting kneehighs?

Janet said...

i agree, the socks are fabulous!

Christy said...

Yay festival of finishing! And you started it off with some team spirit. I love the socks.

vlb5757 said...

Cute socks and kudos to you for finishing. I felt inspired by you and did the finishing on my second pair of socks. I wore them and was kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Now I think I have to cast on another pair.

Brenda said...

Great knee highs! Great start to your festival!

pamela wynne said...

love! these! socks!