Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Name My Baby!

It’s a blog contest!! In case you missed the news, I’m pregnant. I have two more months left, but we’ve already started preparing for the baby. Part of the preparation process, especially for apartment dwellers, is the purging of the belongings! Another part of the process is the choosing of the name. With this contest I’m trying to accomplish both.

The Prize…

One Ashford drop spindle and two bunches of purply blue roving (85% wool, 15% mohair). Don’t worry, my attempt at “yarn” currently on the spindle will not be included. This drop spindle is pretty heavy, so it’s well suited for spinning chunky yarn.

To Enter…

All you have to do is name my baby! No, seriously. Just leave a comment to this post (or email me at holdtheraisins[at]yahoo[dot]com) with a boy’s name that works in both Spanish and English. For example, Nicholas/Nicolas or Sebastian. The name doesn’t have to be exactly the same in both languages, Mattias/Matthew or Alejandro/Alexander would work just fine. I’ll throw the entries into a hat and pick out one. Although the name I pick wont necessarily be the name I give to the baby, that person WILL win the spindle and the roving.

The Rules…

If you DON’T want the spindle and roving, but you want to make a suggestion, feel free, just let me know in your comment that you don’t want to be entered into the contest.

I’m just trying to get IDEAS for names – I can’t promise that I’m going to use one of the names suggested in the comments! But, if I do use one of the suggested names, I’ll give that person a prize too (but not till after the baby is born, in approximately 7 or 8 weeks).

I don’t want to spend a fortune in shipping, so North American entrants only, please.

Get your entries in by Sunday, March 4 at 8pm!


Ashley said...

My sister was choosing between Alessandro and Isaiah for her kid, and, much to my regret, she went with Isaiah. I held my tongue because it's her kid and she can name it whatever she wants, but Alessandro is SO MUCH CUTER.

So I'm saying Alejandro/Alexander for yours. Alejandro Raisinhater--it has quite a ring, doesn't it?

pixienyc said...

Let me just say, again, that I think it's great that you and your husband are trying to find a name that works in both languages, unlike my sister and her hubby, who chose names for their first two girls that my Cuban parents have a very hard time pronouncing.

So, for names with the same spelling in Spanish and English:

Other possibles:
Enrique/Henry (ok, I admit that one's a stretch)

That's just off the top of my head. I may have more for you as I mentally run through my family tree.

Courtney said...

My suggestion is Diego. I think it works just fine as is in English/American and it obviously works in spanish. I know it's a little bit Dora the Explorer these days, but I had a friend named Diego when I was growing up and he was a very nice boy, so I always like the name.

Jessica / Fig & Plum said...

I still vote for Javier / Xavier because Javi is just the cutest little nickname this site of cutseytown!

Katie said...

I'm a big fan of Miguel (Michael). Although I think I remember you had some kind of issue with that name...

Mintyfresh said...

Having seen and adored Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, I will give a firm and loud vote for "Esteban/Stephen" as a combo. I want a child/pet to name Esteban so that I can shout it repeatedly the way Bill Murray does in that movie!

And no roving or spindle for me, please--I am not a spinner.

nishanna said...

I like Alejandro. You even get the added bonus of a great nickname- Alex. But someone already auggested that. Another favorite is Xavier.

Good luck!

schrodinger said...

Just have to say I LOVE contests, so thanks for this. Plus, that roving looks yummy (not kissing you-know-what, just saying, with beer in my belly).

Anyway, onto the question, I really like Antonio [as in Banderas]/Anthony, but not sure how the US feel is with Anthony/Tony. hmmmm. Time to go now. Hope all is well with you and baby.

carrie said...

how about augustin? or
(but i also really like javier.)

nova said...

I have a friend with a son named Diego, they call him Digger as a nickname. But I like the name Augustin/August. I have known two Augusts and they were really nice...and neither was born in August... Baby boys are fun, good luck getting your place ready for him!

mehitabel said...

How about Andrew/Andres? Or Justin. It can be pronounced either in English or Spanish (Hoos-teen) and sounds classy in both. We did Spanish variations on all my kids' names but the best was Jeff/Jefe. How about Edward/Eduardo? Names are such fun, and so important to a person's identity, it's a real challenge to come up with the right one!

mames said...

okay. i am not a hippie or into strange names but i was looking at and colorado was one boy name, it means colorful and i thought it's english counterpart could be 'cole'. a little different from other suggestions. congrats on your baby boy.

Nicole said...

I really like your bilingual approach, and congrats. I'm personally fond of Eric, which only differs in pronunciation. I also like the suggestion of Diego or Alejandro.

Kristen said...

Congratulations on your son!
We chose Gabriel for our first son as a good English/Spanish name.

Other names from our list:

Elinor said...

I know the contest is over but I'm going to add y $0.02 anyway. If my baby had been a boy, it would have been either Odysseus or Pascal. Instead, we have Beatrix.