Friday, February 02, 2007

(Silent) Poetry Reading Day

It’s (Silent) Poetry Reading Day in the world o’ blogs, and I’m really enjoying everyone’s contributions.

Mine is inspired by a recent bathtub visitor in my apartment.

The Centipede
by Ogden Nash

I objurgate the centipede,
A bug we do not really need.
At sleepy-time he beats a path
Straight to the bedroom or the bath.
You always wallop where he’s not,
Or, if he is, he makes a spot.

P.S. – There are no funny poems about groundhogs out there, I checked.

P.S.S. – The swallowtail shawl is blocking at this very moment on navy blue towels. (Blue shawl + blue towels = really boring photo.)


Katie said...

Awesome poem! I had a close encounter of the centipede kind the other day, too. I went all Terminator on him with a swiffer. He won't mess with me again.

I can't wait to see swallowtail! That was way fast.

Lisa said...

He he he. I like that centipede poem. Hope yours made a spot!!

carrie said...

i hate centipedes. blech. but i love the poem.
i can't believe you are almost done with the shawl. maybe i need to give it a try ....

Ashley said...

Hee! And also, eeew!

Sarah / Blue Garter said...

I love Ogden Nash!

sweetclafoutis said...

I have those centipedes in my apartment too, but I saw in Time Out NY that these house centipedes (big, light brownish, and incredibly fast) eat cockroaches. So I no longer kill the centipedes if I see them. In fact, I try to think of them as...cute. Okay, they'll never be cute, but I'd rather live with an occasional centipede than cockroaches. P.S. I am also a New Yorker who loves to cook and has learned to knit in the last couple years. I'm on my third scarf and just bought yarn to make my first sweater at the Point Cafe. I like your dual food/knitting blogs, but I wonder where you find the time!!!