Sunday, March 19, 2006

Without Knitting, I Am Perhaps A Little Evil

I haven’t been knitting. Nope. Not one bit. Who, me? Knit? As this is a knitting blog, that leaves me with very little to talk about. So how ‘bout some other stuff.

Culinary school is great. Aside from a few louts that think they’re above doing the dishes (hey, why bother when those nice girls are going to do them for you) everyone in my class is delightful. Most of our cooking is done in teams and it’s fascinating to observe how others work in groups. Bossiness, micromanagement, laziness, passive aggressive peeler stealing – it all comes out when you team people up, give then an unreasonable deadline and a limited number of metal bowls in which to whisk their mayonnaise. I tend toward a strange combination of bossy and overly solicitous – delightful!

I’m actually a bit weddinged-out this morning after a weekend of nuptial revelry. For the past two days I’ve felt less than sparkly upon lifting my head from the pillow, and the day has been an exercise in recovery. Maybe Gatorade? A little caffeine? Oops, now I’m dehydrated again, time for 97 gallons of water. How about a nap? When you’re tending to these most basic needs it’s hard to find the time or mental capacity for any higher level activities like reading the newspaper or, god forbid, trying to do the NYT crossword puzzle. I think I got two words in there, and I’m pretty sure they’re wrong.

I did learn one thing about weddings though – once you have one, it is nearly impossible to resist comparing every wedding you attend to your own. In this case, the comparison wasn’t easy, as the wedding in question was a glamorous sit-down dinner with a big band and a cake. But we managed. I was really impressed with my husband’s eye for detail, he picked up on a few scandals-in-progress that I would have totally overlooked. Yes, we’re bad evil coal-hearted monsters, but we’re fun to sit with.

Hopefully once I medicate myself with sufficient Gatorade, coffee, water and naps I’ll be able to function well enough to have a little knitting to talk about, but I wouldn’t count on it.


Veronique said...

It sounds like you need a small, gratifying project to get you going again. A one skein wonder maybe?

Ashley said...

Geez, why even go to weddings if not to watch the scandals unfold? It's my prime motivation--along with the free booze.

And--ahem--sharing in the happiness of my loved ones as they join their lives together. Natch.

gleek said...

ha! i know what you mean. every wedding or event i've gone to since our own has been compared mercilessly in my mind. my husband is only evil if i'm feeling evil so it all depends on the day :) you should come to the point this week and chat with us! even if you have nothing to knit. it's been too long.

Iraida said...

ooh culinary school. Sounds very interesting. Now I'm hungry :) I've been meaning to catch Bravo's new show Top Chef. Have you seen it yet?

carrie said...

i'm not married, but i am judgmental, so i compare every wedding to the wedding that i *imagine* i'll have.

i was hungover last sunday, and i couldn't bring myself to knit, either.

An Abundance of Lisa said...

Passive-aggressive peeler stealer? Who know there were such evil people in the culinary industry! Feel better and get back on those needles!

Jeff in MD said...

We want the husband to tell us more about the scandals! Excellent eyeing, in my opinion!

I haven't knitted anything lately either - how's that for comfort?