Thursday, November 02, 2006


November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Participants attempt to write a 50,000 word novel during the month of November, with a focus on quantity rather than quality. For those of us that just aren’t ready to commit to a whole novel, November is also NaNoBloPoMo . One blog post a day for the whole month.

Fortunately I learned of these two events today, November 2, blissfully too late to sign up for either. If I had learned yesterday, I may have done something rash while in a caffeine induced frenzy. For those of you participating – good luck! I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines, and perhaps trying to post a bit more myself now that my schedule has calmed down a bit.

I continue to knit around and around on the Brown Tube, but it is not at all photoworthy, so instead I will share with you a knitting confession.

I do not save these little yarn repair cards that come with sweaters.

I am a knitter. I have a box in a drawer where I store these, perhaps by fiber or sweater type, so that I can reach in and grab the appropriate yarn in the event that I need to do some mending.

The thing is, I am not a mender. I do not mend. I will just wear a sweater with holes, the same way I will wear a shirt with wrinkles, because I don’t iron. I don’t even own an iron. I sold it at a yard sale in 1999 and haven’t looked back since.


--Deb said...

I hadn't heard about the blogging one, but I DID hear about NaNoSweMo, where you knit a sweater in a month . . .

Ashley said...

Mend shmend. However, I do enjoy the weird minimalism of that card.


yup. it sure is.

gleek said...

i don't really mend either unless it was a big purchase to begin with. all of these gap, jcrew, and anne taylor items i have will be out of style in two or three years anyway, so when they get ragged, they go in the donation pile.

i do save the cards though. maybe it's the compulsion to WANT to mend, but don't. who knows.

Mintyfresh said...

I'm quick to trash the cards with spare thread, but I hoard the buttons, figuring they might be useful for some other project someday. But I don't have them all in one place--I take them off the pants and put them on the windowsill today, tomorrow they're near the iron (yes, I have an iron. I love to iron). But mending seems really unlike for me, too.

Jessica said...

Despite never having used one, I save every single card. And stash them in inconspicuous places all over the house, so in the event that I do need one, I will never, ever be able to find it. ;)

Melissa said...

i don't save them either. i do save buttons though. funny thing is....i can never find them when i need them.

Katie said...

I'm one of the suckers that signed up for the NaNo thing. Yes, I'm a joiner. And YES you can STILL join if you dare.

I keep all those little thread things and NEVER ever use them.

schrodinger said...

That's so many NaNo's that I'm not a part of - forshame! I'm not that dedicated.

Nor am I dedicated enough to save yarn to mend (mend??) my knitted items. I'm sure I will regret this one day, and that's the day I will truly understand.