Friday, September 01, 2006

Ready for Fair Isle

The camo socks are finished, and are now a far more flattering knee length.

They really are even, I don’t know why one looks shorter than the other. Also, my knees really are that knobby. They’ve never been my finest feature.

I also made a practice fair isle swatch.

Actually, this is the start of manresa, which I promptly ripped out after taking this picture. I realized that the likelihood of me wearing green fair isle legwarmers is just about nil, despite my desire to wear flip flops year round.

With the #3 circulars freed up from sock knitting, and the assurance from my swatch that I can make a fair isle garment that will at least hold together and not crumble on the needles, I’m ready to start the Equinox Yoke Pullover (again). This time in a slightly smaller size.


gleek said...

wow, you really have gotten right back on the knitting horse! love the knee socks. they'll be comfortable this winter!

lisa said...

Ooh - I can't wait to see the start of the Equinox. I love the look of that sweater.

Now, when are you coming to The Point??

Veronique said...

Those knee socks went quick!! Good luck with fair isle... Why am I the only knitter who can't master that technique? (Hee, that just made me think of Annie Modesitt, who is such an uber feminist that she does not master a technique, she "mistresses" a technique).

Ashley said...

Yay! I hert kneesocks. I want to knit, like 20 pairs this winter.

I am on the same fence with you re: legwarmers. I secretly want some, but will I ever ever wear them, except maybe around the house? and can't I just wear knee socks around the house? But I still want some--probaby a holdover from the days when I wasn't allowed to wear the super-cool legwarmers/Dr. Scholl's clog combo to 5th grade, and have been scarred ever since.

Mintyfresh said...

Fair isle legwarmers may be a bit too fancy--I'm a die-hard believer in legwarmers, but mine are straightforward Manos in brioche stitch, and they stay tucked inside my pants so no one's the wiser. Keeps me soooo warm in the dead of winter. So I say Make Legwarmers, do something you can show off in fair isle :)

Sandra said...

those knee socks look great on you! love em