Thursday, September 21, 2006

Knit Your Own Stately Pleasure Dome – Save $388

In just a few hours on my day off, I managed to knit up my version of the Marc Jacobs Kubla Khan hat . Here’s his…

Here’s mine, gracefully modeled by Mr. Teapot…

And in the bathroom mirror…

I used Bear Creek Bulky (99% wool, 1% nylon), a bulky weight single ply that resembles roving more than yarn, and size 17 dpns.

I just sort of made it up as I went along. Here’s the pattern in case you’d like to make your own.

Gauge: Approx 2 sts per 1” but it doesn’t really matter, the hat is big and stretchy anyway. I didn’t even bother swatching.

Needles: Size 17 dpns (or two size 17 circulars, using two circs sock method)

CO 44 sts, join (don’t twist, although it wont show if you do, hooray!), knit around and around in 1 x 1 ribbing (k1 p1 ribbing) until the hat measures 8” (yes, this is very long, but you will fold it).

Knit 1 round as follows: *k2tog, k 9* rep 4 times. 40 sts remain.

Knit 4 rounds stockinette. (If you have a very small head, knit 2 or 3, a very enormously large head, 5 or 6. I have an average to biggish woman sized head, 4 worked for me.)

Decrease as follows:

*k2tog, k 6* rep 5 times.
*k2tog, k 5* rep 5 times.
*k2tog, k 4* rep 5 times.
*k2tog, k 3* rep 5 times.
*k2tog, k 2* rep 5 times.
*k2tog, k 1* rep 5 times.
*k2tog* rep 5 times. 5 sts remain.

Thread yarn through 5 remaining stitches and pull tight. Weave in ends. Roll ribbed portion of hat twice to get puffy brim. Don’t even bother blocking.

As you can see from the above photo, it’s sort of a goofy looking hat, but it is WARM, and it’s so fluffy that it doesn’t really mush down my hair (though in the winter I imagine it would pose a major static electricity risk).


Mintyfresh said...

You can't beat those savings!! Nicely done.

amanda said...

well done! I can't see any difference between the two. what a savings!

lisa said...

very cute! nice job!

Melissa said...

great job! i still can't figure out why the original cost so much!

michelleknits said...

i love your hat. and it doesn't look goofy at all!

gleek said...

love it!! and what a savings :)

Veronique said...

Size 17 dpns?! I'm giggling just imagining those gigantic needles! But they made a great looking hat!

carrie said...

very thrifty and cozy to boot!

i also love your dishcloth -- i have to give those a try.

Jeff in MD said...

You could buy a boatload of teapots with savings like that! And make them all nice hats to boot.

KO said...

oh, fab, I was hoping some one more skilled than myself had worked out the pattern for this one! Thanks!