Saturday, April 01, 2006

I See London, I See France

I see MeBeth’s…STASH!

Yep, today is Flash Your Stash day in the Knitblog world. Here’s a look at mine.

The basket of yarn booty from Argentina.

The messy knitting corner.

Sock yarns, a giant cone of cashmere, and some other assorted stuff.

From the underbed storage boxes, we have my spinning fiber and, you guessed it, more yarn.

Not exactly a beautiful yarn containment system (YCS) but it works in my little apartment. Hope everyone has an inspiring day revisiting some old forgotten treasures hiding in the depths of their stashes!


jess said...

ooh, is that cone of cashmere from school products? is it 100% cashmere?

Iraida said...

What do you plan to make with the cashmere?

Ashley said...

Hmm, I spy a pile of Powanspun. Yum.

Should I even confess my creeping resentment of NYC knitters and their proximity to School Products? Stupid Midwest.

Skylar said...

Thanks for sharing your stash! Seeing everyone's stash makes me feel a bit better...not so guilty, I suppose.

gleek said...

it was fun pulling out my stash and rearranging it! i realized just how much i have... and how i could buy more ;)

Veronique said...

Like the others, I am curious about the giant cone of cashmere... And those orange hanks of Rowanspun! Yum! Lovely stash.