Thursday, April 13, 2006

Does Raglan Really Work?

The Hourglass is my first raglan sweater. I just joined the arms to the body, attaching two sleeves to the tube top part.

Set in sleeves make sense to me. You make a vest, you make some sleeves with round shoulder tops, and you sew them in. The finishing is annoying, but I understand how it all comes together.

The raglan thing – I just don’t get it. It looks like I’ll be making a sort of triangle up from the tube top/sleeve and ending in the neckline, but I don’t think I’m shaped that way. My shoulders are boxy; they don’t slope, they just sort of jut out. I can’t envision how this sweater will fit without having big poochy parts – either on top of my shoulders or in the front of the neckline or some other unfortunate and unflattering place.

Right now I’m just following the pattern with my fingers crossed. Please – if you’re a boxy shouldered reader out there who has knitted an hourglass that has resulted in unsightly poochy parts – let me know now so that I can resort to plan B. (Also, if you have a plan B, please let me know that too!)


Mintyfresh said...

It works! I have pretty square shoulders, and I like raglan shaping. I haven't made an Hourglass specifically, however. Think about those baseball shirts, where the arms are a different color than the body, that guys (with typically squarer shoulders than women) wear. That exaggerates the effect, what with the two tones, but it works (in my opinion).

gleek said...

yep, i agree with minty. i think that it's gonna be fine and what i like about the hourglass is that the raglan is short and therefore leads to less pouchiness than other raglans :)

Ashley said...

Yeah, it does work. When I made my first Hourglass I spent about four hours trying to visualize it and imagine how it would work, and I couldn't, and I did it anyway, and it was totally fine.

Sarah said...

Did you finish Hourglass yet? I want to see a final photoshoot! I had to try mine on to convince myself that it really was going to cover the tops of my shoulders without making a weird line across my neck, and then I added another inch or so and it came out just fine.