Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Everything is a bit haywire around here – it turns out that when I’m left without any structure (i.e. work) in my life, nothing gets done and I don’t leave the house. I forced myself out today and I’m sitting in a tea shop blogging on their wi-fi. Today’s blog entry is disjointed and awkwardly transition-less.


Rogue is finished, but I have no photos (despite the fact that I’ve been wearing it for three days straight). So COMFY! Also so full of mistakes. Rogue was my first adult sweater, my first cable project, my first work with lots of shaping and, as a result, looks more than a little bit homemade. I’m trying to love it in a Velveteen Rabbit kind of way rather than obsessing over all of the holes and weird bits. I’ll post a photo and pattern details as soon as I can get a decent action shot.


Although I’m not officially participating in the Knitting Olympics, I’m trying to use the Olympic spirit to motivate me to finish up some of the projects lurking around in the knitting basket, like the USM pullover, my chunky manos sweater, and lots of odd socks. Unfortunately, my best intentions have been thwarted by the lure of the new yarn from Argentina, and I’m fooling around with some slubby blue cotton that may become an hourglass sweater. I crave endless stockinette rather than fiddly finishing, especially because I cant unglue my eyes from the TV for more than 45 seconds. Has anyone made an hourglass sweater out of cotton? Is that even possible?


In other news, I fell and I’m wounded, but I think I’ll survive. The great blizzard of ’06 + pomegranate margaritas = me sliding down the steps at the Lexington/53rd Street subway station and landing on my left hip. I jumped right up and tried to pretend nothing happened, but by the time I got home I had a huge lump. I would take a photo and share the horror right here on the internet, but it would be nearly impossible to photograph my hip without also photographing other parts of me that I would prefer not to share with the internet at large. (Mom – did I just hear a sigh of relief?) So use your imagination -- It looks like I have a third butt cheek, a purple third butt cheek, growing from the side of my hip.


This is my sink…

But that is not my soap! Every morning a giant mass of bubbles comes wildly frothing out of my sink drain and fills up the entire sink, stopping juuuuust shy of overflowing all over the kitchen floor. Why is this? Fellow apartment dwellers – do you have this?


Mintyfresh said...

Yikes. Much to reply to! 1. Can't wait to see Rogue on you. 2. I, too, still need to finish my USMP, but I have other pursuits for Olympics! 3. Sorry about your hip! Ouch. Ice it! and 4. Egads! That is crazy. The soap suds look so clean, too! I wonder if a neighbor's dishwasher is somehow backing up into your sink? And they run it every night? A friend's garbage disposal once got overfilled with stuff and the food started to come out the bathroom sink draink. It was really really gross. So be thankful you get white fluffy suds, I guess.

kaitlyn said...

what the hell! of course gleek knows what it is, haha.

I had a similar incident a few years ago in an ice storm that ended in the emergency room with stitches. I hope you heal up quickly! At least you don't have to haul ass to work everyday :)

gleek said...

i know what that is... one of your neighbors has decided to buy a dishwasher OR a washing machine and they shouldn't have. they are pumping the run-off water back into old pipes that can't take it. you should actually contact your LL about it. they could do some serious damage to your plumbing system. not all apartment buildings were meant to take that kind of stress which is why washing machines, etc are banned in leases.

sorry to hear that you fell!!! you poor thing!! i'm just as clumsy and falling down stairs is my ultimate nightmare.

what about those socks you were working on at the point? they were awfully cute.. are you done with them already?

Ashley said...

OW. I got knocked over at the dog park last week--total Wile E. Coyote moment: legs straight out from under me, hovering vertically in the air for what felt like at least five seconds, and then, splat, flat on my tailbone. Point? It still huuuuuurts. But, if I sit on a heating pad? It hurts less. Maybe worth a try?

carrie said...

that's one of the things that i love about new york -- you can fall on your ass and just get up and no one really notices. sorry that it hurts so bad!

i'm so impressed that gleek solved your mystery. i guess it's not the worst thing that could be bubbling up, right?

Megann said...

So sorry about your hip - I hope you feel better soon. Wrt the soap, its likely that someone is using a dishwasher or washing machine that is hooked up to the sink, illegally. There's a reason why those things have separate hookups, and you are seeing some of that supporting evidence. I agree with someone else who recommended that you talk to your landlord or super about this - it will only get worse and may be flooding other areas inside the house structure.

Brooklyn Handspun said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your fall...I fell down the steps this weekend as well, all the snow made the hallway in my building very slippery - I hope it feels better soon. Oh yes the sudsy sink I agree with gleek - washing machine or dishwasher and way too much soap.

insubordiknit said...

ohhh, i wanna see your rogue! i've got the yarn for it and am gonna start as soon as i finish my patons cabeled hoodie (my first cabled project). also, ice -- ouch!