Thursday, February 23, 2006


Sorry I disappeared there for a bit – big life changes are in the works. I just started culinary school! I have to wear a really unflattering uniform from head to toe, with black nurse shoes, checkerboard pants, a white chef coat, and a silly little hat. The one internet-friendly part of our outfit that isn’t strictly regulated is our socks…

(Ribbed socks from kool-aid dyed knitpicks.)

In other news, we got the best wedding present ever. We’re going to call him Ferdinand Donkey M(last name deleted to protect donkey anonymity).

Fortunately Ferdinand didn’t arrive on our doorstep. Instead, he was delivered to a family with greater donkey needs and a bit more space for him to roam. According to his bio, he enjoys plowing, helping with irrigation and carrying supplies to the marketplace. If you’re shopping for gifts, check out Oxfam. Who wouldn’t want a donkey?


Veronique said...

Oh, I've heard of that company! You can also adopt a sheep or an alpaca.

--Deb said...

Culinary School!

A donkey!

How cool is that? Both of them!

carrie said...

what an awesome gift! i wouldn't think any new york apartments would be big enough for donkeys.

totally dig the sensible shoes!

Katie said...

I just want to snuggle and squish that cute little donkey! And he likes to plow and go to the market. Awww! So, what are you making in culinary school? Any yummy creations yet?

The DeDe said...

Ooo. Too bad you can't wear Dansko's or a cooler nursing shoe. I want to see the whole picture with a chef's hat and everything soon! :-)

The donkey is so cute. What a fabulous gift!