Wednesday, January 04, 2006

One Guess...

That’s right – they’re Jaywalkers.

I couldn’t resist any longer. I have three armless sweaters hanging around here waiting to be finished, but for some reason I just don’t feel good unless I’m working on pair of socks. I'm using Lorna's Laces in "Somerset" - sort of a Lily Pulitzer colorway.

The jaywalker pattern is written for a cuff-down, heel flap type sock but, as usual, I have to do it toe up. Also, I’m doing it on 68 stitches rather than 76, even though I have fairly large feet (9!), because 76 just seemed too big – I like my socks to be pretty snug. I can always increase a bit when I get to the ankle.

I’m knitting the zigzag pattern on both the top and bottom of the foot. This way, if there is some funky pooling, I can decide as I approach the heel area which side should be face up.

I did a little introspection this morning and I decided that my need to knit all socks toe up is rooted in my tendancies toward thriftiness (some would go so far as to say cheapness). I can't bear to have little balls of excess sock yarn hanging around the knitting basket, never to be used up.

So far, this Jaywalker pattern is just as addictive as promised. It's just complex enough to stay interesting, but easy enough to memorize right away. Just give in, you know you want to make them!


--Deb said...

Did you see the link on Cara's Jaywalker page, for the toe-up pattern?

kaitlyn said...

I really want to get started on my jaywalkers now! Too bad I don't have the right needles :( Dare I break the no-spending rule?

gleek said...

ooo, toe-up! i have never tried it.. i have a few tiny balls of sock yarn hanging around in my stash but i just tell myself that they are there for darning... and i will definitely need them! i LOVE wearing my socks!!

carrie said...

very nice colorway! but you need to give those sweaters sleeves!